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Meet the Educators

Meet the Educators

Meet the Blacks

Rabbi Gideon Black began his academic career at the London School of Economics. From there, he went on to receive his law degree from University College London and an MA in Jewish Philosophy from YU’s Bernard Revel Graduate School. As part of his rabbinical training at YU, Gideon both worked with the Jewish community in Charleston, SC and served as a rabbinic intern at Manhattan Jewish Experience and the Riverdale Jewish Center.

Rabbi Black’s keen interest in law and politics took him to Capitol Hill where he interned for Congressman Major Owens (D-NY), to Jerusalem where he worked in Office of the Mayor, Uri Lupoliansky, and to an internship at the Royal Courts of Justice in London.

Born in Glasgow and raised in London, Gideon was actively involved with Bnei Akiva across the UK as a teenager and spent his summers leading their camps and Israel trips. Gideon loves soccer, golf, yoga, the Queen, and walking the streets of Manhattan singing to himself “…I’m an Englishman in New York.”

rivky 2Rivky Stern was born and raised in Teaneck. (You probably haven’t heard of it, it’s a small town in New Jersey.) After two years at Midreshet Harova, she moved to Baltimore to study Africana studies at Johns Hopkins University. Rivky decided to pursue a career in Jewish education after a semester abroad in Ghana, obviously. After college, Rivky moved back to New York and began to work a series of wonderful odd jobs, which both paid her rent and gave her amazing stories to tell at parties. Aside from her position as part of the amazing team of OU-JLIC here at NYU, Rivky is the content and production manager at Aleph Beta Academy. Outside of work, Rivky likes to read blogs, go to rap concerts, and play Mah Jongg with her grandmother’s friends.

Rachel WRachel Waldman hails from Long Island, NY, and currently resides in the beautiful Washington Heights (no, it is not dangerous to live there). After spending a year and a half at MMY, Rachel spent her years at Stern College deliberating over many majors and simultaneously taking classes at Azriel, YU’s graduate school of Jewish Education. She then completed her Master’s in Speech and Language Pathology. Due to Rachel’s love of Torah, people, and teaching, she has been involved in both formal and informal Jewish education since high school when she went to Perth, Australia to teach the community and run various programs. In Stern she created and ran T Cubed, served as an advisor and a program coordinator on SEG, and worked as an advisor on YU’s Mechina program. She had the privilege of being part of various learning programs in Livingston, Scarsdale, and at Morasha BMP. Rachel loves developing personal relationships and helping others forge their own path towards Judaism.

When Rachel is not working as an SLP, she can be found talking to random strangers, reading interesting memoirs, and listening to slam poetry. She loves talking to anyone and everyone on a range of interesting topics, and enjoys searching for interesting blogs, attempting to play guitar, and philosophizing about life.


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